Corporate Identity

First impressions count
The need for a strong and well-recognised brand is essential in today’s highly competitive business environment. Next Idea specialises in Corporate Identity and logo design – it’s our favourite area of creative expression. We believe that simplicity of design is the key to creating a positive and professional image. Our Corporate ID package includes colour swatches, corporate fonts and business stationary.


The whole package
Bespoke magazine production is another of our favourite disciplines (the truth is we just love all our work). We can take the whole process in-house and plan the magazine content, write it, edit it, design it, organise photography, translations and artwork and even distribute it for you. We supply fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual magazines and newsletters for real estate companies, colleges, financial institutions and government bodies.


Eye-catching, engaging and elegant
Advertising campaigns must be original to work. One of our own most used slogans is ‘be original, or die’ and this is never more relevant than in the field of advertising. Your advert must arrest the attention if you are to be noticed, otherwise you have wasted your money. We design print campaigns as well as digital advertising – usually any campaign will include both. We like bold statements and originality.


Variety is the spice of life
Brochure design is as varied as our clients are varied. From 60 page, glossy brochures to small flyers to highly original folding masterpieces our task is the same – to produce a product that stands out from the crowd and that satisfies the client’s needs. We care about the right paper, the right format and we consider each brochure a masterpiece in it’s own right.

Responsive Web Design

Your business card for the world
In the world of corporate websites the two areas which reign supreme are functionality and design. Function: It doesn’t matter how pretty or awesome it looks, if it doesn’t work quickly and simply no one will use the site again. Design: Likewise, if it doesn’t look good the user is unlikely to investigate further. We design and build websites that work well across all devices and get your message across. We are passionate about website architecture, we care about page load speed and we love minimal and elegant.

Editorial Services

Concise, consistent and of course; correct
Not only is an editor responsible for the flow of written material, to ensure a clear and consistent message but is also the person who can supervise the overall policy of a magazine or newspaper and pull everything together under the pressure of unremitting deadlines. Next Idea not only has an editor as one of its directors but works closely with others in Spain and the UK.
Whether it’s text for a property brochure, a catchy by-line or jingle, factual articles about places, interviews or pure humour – we can make anything sound desirable!


Every shape and subject under the sun
The range of books we work on is broad; from fencing to reference, fishing to poetry, art to wine, birds to tapas and everything in between. We create eye-catching covers and clean layouts which bring the subject to life and enhance readability. We commission art and illustrations for beautiful book jackets and we have more than 25 years of experience in print management.


One image is worth a thousand words
We work closely with creative photographers who work by commission and also have large stock libraries. Getting the right photograph at the right price is vital for any project, whatever the size. We also have working relationships with the world’s biggest image libraries and can source royalty free or rights managed images as required.


Tailor made visuals
Whether it’s an oil painting, a cartoon or a graphic illustration you are looking for, we work directly with many artists who specialise in different disciplines and styles. For a recent project the client wanted sections of a magazine to be defined with photography. However, once we started work we realised that photographs were never going to create the right ‘mood’ so we commissioned an artist to produce original watercolours instead and kept within the same budget.

Print Management

Getting it right at every stage
Managing print is a specialist area requiring years of experience and a tried and tested team of print suppliers. The collective experience of the Next Idea team amounts to some 40 years experience in this field. The size and specifications of the print job dictate where it should be printed to obtain the best price and quality. We work regularly with printers in Malaga, Barcelona, Seville and London. Most importantly, the working relationship between designer and printer is vital to the success of the project.


Make it jump off the shelf!
From packs of playing cards to cans for soft drinks, Next Idea produces packaging that gets noticed. Like advertising, packaging must be unique, simple and bold. The product must demand your attention and be designed in such a way as to be easily remembered. Working closely with the client, we ensure the whole process goes smoothly from proofs of first ideas to the final delivery of the product to the shelves.

Social Media

Engaging, readable and relevant
Engaging content, a conversational attitude and an image-led approach have stood us well in the Social Media arena. We manage clients accounts, plan posts, answer customers questions and use eye-catching images to increase engagement. We currently work with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram. We have two journalists in house who produce daily blog posts for clients and we work with many other journalists and editors from all over the world so our ability to produce engaging, readable and relevant content is first class.