We’re a graphic design and creative services agency with our Head Office in Marbella, Spain. We provide creative design solutions that capture the personality of a business and get results. Our clients are an international bunch located all over the world from London to California.

Next Idea has been providing a ‘one-stop shop’ design service for the last 20 years. We were originally known as New Image but got fed up with all the references to hairdressers and fashion outlets when people searched for us on the web! So we changed our name to Next Idea, being careful to keep the same letters as New Image so that we could still use our logo!

With our offices 7Km from Puerto Banus we enjoy stunning views across the mountains and Mediterranean Sea towards Africa and Gibraltar. We’re inspired by our location every day!
We love colours, elegant design, bold statements and problem solving. We adore our work and believe fervently in the statement “If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing perfectly”. This belief keeps us fulfilled and our clients happy.